What is Mindkidness?

Mindkidness is a life coaching technique inspired by the Mindvalley philosophy, developed by Vishen Lakhiani, combined with meditative music generated by mushrooms and relaxing imagery, designed to be practiced with family.


What does the Mindkidness training consist of?

The Mindkidness training consists of 4 complementary thematic areas:

  1. Mindfunginess: It comprises 40 training sessions of 20 minutes for adults, consisting of a theoretical part of 4/4 minutes, exercises lasting about 8 minutes, and 8 minutes of meditation reflection accompanied by music and relaxing nature images.

  2. Mindfunness Adults: It consists of 20 meditation sessions to learn a very simple type of meditation, called the Six Phases by Vishen Lakhiani, enabling users to use this spiritual tool to carry out life or habit changes. The sessions incorporate music generated by mushroom waves and relaxing fractal images.

  3. Mindfunness Kids: This training is aimed at children to learn a non-contemplative type of meditation through stories discussing compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, among other similar topics, turning these values into superpowers that they can acquire. The training is designed to be practiced with adults.

  4. Mindgymnes: Practical training aimed at both children and adults to reinforce their habit changes for 10 months after practicing Mindfunginess and Mindfunness, respectively. The tools used include forms, individual alerts, shared alerts, test forms, and statistics.


What is the Mindvalley philosophy?

It's a life coaching initiative (www.mindvalley.com) aimed at conscious personal transformation, with millions of followers worldwide, founded by Vishen Lakhiani, author of "The Code of the Extraordinary Mind."


How can I practice Mindkidness with my family?

When we talk about family, we refer to both direct family members, such as parents, children, or siblings, as well as friends. Sharing your habit changes and meditation progress with one or more people will make it easier for you not to give up.


How can I practice meditation with children?

First, learn the 6 Phases meditation yourself, and then incorporate children into the meditation we have designed for them. It's the same as for adults but in story format, with images and characters easy for children to remember when meditating. Visit our BLOG.


Can I measure the results of Mindkidness training?

Yes. After completing the 60 training and meditation sessions, we will provide you with a series of personal evaluation tests over the next 10 months, allowing you to track your progress on your personal transformation journey, particularly regarding habit changes.


How long does Mindkidness training last?

The training lasts for 1 year. During the first 2 months, you have access to 60 training sessions, 40 informative and 20 meditation sessions, each lasting twenty minutes. During the following 10 months, you can engage in guided practices with advice, alerts, forms, and statistics on everything you learned in the initial phase.


What is mushroom music?

It's music recorded live from the waves emitted by live mushrooms, at the moment when they are mature and before they have released their spores.


How is the music recorded?

With a specialized app that transforms the waves of the plant and fungi kingdom into melodies using a synthesizer.


What effect does mushroom music have on my brain?

There are no confirmed experiments to date anywhere in the world. We at Magic Fungi School aim to initiate the first one after having experienced the magic of this music in our own social environment when meditating.